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Cabana Rentals

$250 per day…on Saturday or Sunday …a reservation is highly recommended
$100 per day…Monday thru Friday…still good idea to have reservation

(Special Event Pricing May Be Different)


  • 1 Cabana
  • Saturday/Sunday -Entry for 10 non-members for the day
  • Monday-Friday –Entry for 4 non-members for the day (Members retain previous benefits)
    (maximum of 20 people per Cabana = after included number of people – daily rate will apply)

  • Coca Cola Mini refrigerator stocked with 12 Coca Cola products (weekend)
  • Coca Cola Mini refrigerator stocked with 6 bottled water (weekday)
  • Choice of Cheese Tray OR Fruit Tray (weekend)
  • Chips and Salsa Tray (weekday)
  • Catered Platters are available for the Cabanas plus tax & service charge
    (platter orders should be made in advance)
    20% gratuity will be automatically added to all checks serviced by your Cabana attendant
    *No outside food or beverages may be brought in with the exception of a Cake or Cupcakes
    *Guest list required 48 hours prior to arrival

    *We require a contact phone number that will be reachable on the day of the Cabana rental.

    Cabana Rental Request Form

    Cabana Cancellation Policy

    No Refund = If cancelled less than 24 hours in advance
    Fee Charged = If cancelled less than 1 week and more than 24 hours in advance
    Full Refund = If cancelled more than 1 week in advance
    Cabanas may be reschedule due to inclement weather, you must contact us prior to arrival

    Download The PDF Version